Fighting Aphasia

To raise awareness of Aphasia and to provide support to those affected

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What is it?

Some Aphasia disorders usually develop quickly and are a result of head injury or stoke. However, some more progressive forms of aphasia develop slowly from a brain tumor, infection, or dementia. There are many different types of Aphasia and these include expressive aphasia, receptive aphasia, conduction aphasia and many others.

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Where do your donations go?

Our short term investments will be towards raising as much awareness of the condition as possible in the UK! We need your donations so we can get hold of wristbands and clothing to spread awareness of the cause. The donations will also go towards events which we will hold in order to educate people about aphasia and the effects of aphasia and spread more awareness.

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Our Story

This charity was founded by Thomas Gray and Tom Lewis, school friends from Oxfordshire. It was founded with the intent to raise awareness of a condition that Thomas Gray’s mother acquired whilst he was in his second from last year at school.
This was a result of a large stroke that she had in February 2012. Thomas tells his story below.

Our recent TV appearance

Thomas Gray from Witney has up his own charity offering support to stroke victims and has been recognised for his bravery and determination.

Latest from our Blog

Check out the documentary that we made either in the header image or over in our story section
Take Me
A huge thank you to the kind students of l’École Du Louvre in Paris for supporting Never Gray in the release of Never Gray’s very first french article. (Please feel free to practice your french and have a go at reading the article, I will post the English translation soon). Thanks guys!
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